Better Sports Box - NHL '14

Better Sports Box - NHL '14


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Tired of checking your NHL ® boxscores and reading old fashion, grid based stats? Well, welcome to the future of boxscores!

Instead of using the table-based boxscore approach your grandfather's newspapers use, we've developed a new visual approach that uses placement, symbols, and color-coding to instantly give you a better, more intuitive understanding of what happened during a game and how.

Did one team jump out early, only to withstand a furious rush at the end? Or was it a back-and-forth slugfest? Was that winning goal on the powerplay? The tying goal a shortie? Or, holy cow, a penalty shot?

With our visual boxscore approach, the periods are laid out horizontally and color-coded goals are added relative to the time within the period that they were scored. Want to see who got the assists? Tap the screen, the goal bubbles expand to show who got the helpers and the exact time of goal. Game went to a shootout? Tap the shootout tallies to see who scored, or whiffed, and in what order!

Best of all, "Live" games are updated near real-time!

And this is just the start. Future enhancements coming soon:
• Notifications!
• Additional statistics!
• Video highlights and multimedia!
• Multilingual editions!
• More platforms and devices!
• Additional sports!

This app is free (and ad-free!), but if you like the direction we’re going please consider supporting our efforts - donations are greatly appreciated!

This is a beta, pilot program, and feedback is welcome! Any issues, please email the developers before posting a negative review, we’d like to know and are happy to respond.

Thanks, the team.

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Недавно изменено в этой версии

1.1.4 - Updated for 2014-2015 season!
1.1.3 - Entire '13-14 reg. season schedule available, not limit on date range.
1.1.2 - Schedule times now converted to local time.

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