Guild Wars 2 Timers

Guild Wars 2 Timers


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Never miss any World boss or any events on Dry top. Countdowns of all World boss and all events in Dry top are on your smartphone with Guild Wars 2 Timers.

Do you have trouble remembering what Dungeon paths or what World boss you’ve done today?
No problem! Guild Wars 2 Timers also allows you to check each dungeon paths and each World boss you’ve done today.

This application is NOT an official ArenaNet application.


/*World boss Timers*/
-Countdown Timer for the boss in the schedule provided by ArenaNet
-Check the bosses you’ve already killed by a simple touch on their names
-Automatic reset of all checkboxes when daily reset occurs in game

/*Dry top Timers*/
-Countdowns for all events present on Dry top as provided by the Guild Wars 2 community on Reddit.
-The events who start during the sandstorm are indicated by (Tx+) “X” being the level of sandstorm required to start the event.

/*Dungeon Paths*/
-Check the dungeon paths you’ve done simply by touching the number of the path
-Automatic reset of all checkboxes when daily reset occurs in game

Недавно изменено в этой версии

Reduce battery consumption on some devices.
Fixed crashes.

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    по Artem Kravtsov on 23/03/2015

    Приложение явно считает заряд аккумулятора чем-то лишним

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    по Вадим Иванов on 17/08/2014

    Но не хватает напоминали.