HDFC Life Insurance Calculator

HDFC Life Insurance Calculator

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The HDFC Life Insurance Calculator offers simple and quick utilities that you can access while on the go! Use this application to:

Calculate your Human Life Value (HLV): Ever wondered what is your life's worth in rupee terms? With the HDFC Life HLV calculator you can do just that. Based on your current investments, assets, liabilities & other factors, quickly know your HLV!

You can also know the insurance cover recommended for you basis your inputs.

Calculate your insurance premium: Did you always want to find out how much it would cost to get an insurance coverage. You can figure this in a flash with our "Click2Protect" feature. Add in a few personal details along with the desired life cover & period of coverage, to derive the premium payout for your age profile!

Speak to Us: Need to connect with HDFC Life? Simply click on "Speak to Us" to connect with one of our representatives for any questions about HDFC Life, Term Plans, Insurance Plans or investment options.

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