Japanese word listening 10000

Japanese word listening 10000

50 - 100 загрузкам

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Let's learn 10000 Japanese words in your small amount of spare time!
Your favorite photo pronounces words.
Listen sound and by four-choice question, you can remember Japanese words as if it is a game with fun.
Swipe out words you remembered to the ‘done list'.
Check words you want to remember to the ‘wordbook'.

* Study in your spare time
Adjust the number of questions of 1 set of exam, you can study in your small amount of spare time.

* Your favorite photo pronounces questions
Open your favorite photo and adjust mouse position.
Your photo pronounce words!

* Get accustomed to study
You need to study frequently to increase your vocabulary.
Set study time per day and get notified.

* 4 choice questions (Standard)
Chose a right answer from 4 choices

* Wordbook exam mode
Questions are asked from wordbook which keeps words that you registered.

* Verify exam mode
The app remembers your wrong answers.
In this mode, questions are asked form words which you tend to make mistake.
You can overcome your weak words.

* Done exam mode
Questions are asked from ‘done list' which keeps words that you remembered.
You can confirm your memory if you really remember the words.

* Learn at your level
You can set difficulty level yourself

* Achievement at a glance
Your achievement is shown as a bar chart which shows the number of words on the done list.

* Editable dictionary
Long click a word to edit content of dictionary as you like.
You may restore it default anytime.

* Web dictionary
On browser window, you can show the detail meaning and example sentences of selected word.

* Setting as you like
- Choose question language (English / Japanese)
- Select difficulty level
- Set time limit for the exam
- Set the number of question of 1 set of exam
- Choose and adjust theme of achievement graph

* This app is Powered by iSpeech®

Недавно изменено в этой версии

Thank you very much for using this app!
= Many new features
- Added [Options] page on the main view
- Choose an option for next action from the following
- Introduced ranking feature!
- Introduce achievement confirm screen after test session

= Stability improvements and bug fixes

= User interface improvements
- Brush up for Android 5.0 Lollipop
- Added 'Light' theme
- Choose font from 'Default', 'Firm', 'Soft'
- Introduce text animation while loading

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