K-Pop Videos - YouTube Videos

K-Pop Videos - YouTube Videos


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Watch and dance to the best KPop videos on YouTube from your phone or tablet!

This simple app has an easy to use interface that allows you to search popular Korean pop (k-pop) and find the videos everyone is watching. It also features for playlists and filters, making it easy see videos from your favorite channels, singers and kpop reactions.

★ Instructions: Simply click on the video image and then click play. Click on the search icon to search and click the back button on the phone to go back.

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New to K-pop? Here are some acts to look for:
* music core
* music bank
* Girls' Generation
* SHINee
* Sistar
* Miss A
* 4 Minute
* B2ST
* Lee HI
* 2N1
* Roy Kim
* Big Bang
* Super Junior
* f(x)
* Boy Friend
* Lee Hyo Ri
* Shinhwa
* Busker Busker
* After School
* Seo In Young
* 2012, 2013, 2014 kpop collection
* Inki-Gayo


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