Meld Spreadsheets Database

Meld Spreadsheets Database


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Host databases directly from Google Sheets. Easily create and share custom database collections to track inventory, manage customer data, organize lists or keep usernames and passwords securely. All your collections are automatically saved and stored in Google Sheets. Share them with others, or keep them private.

• Hosted entirely from your Google Drive
• Work with your data directly from the Sheets web browser interface
• Unlock complete access with a one time in-app purchase. Within any Sheets database, tap the request tracker button at the top right of the screen, then tap the "Buy" button.
• All updates are seamlessly synchronized to all users
• Completely free for light to moderate data usage
• Attach photos, spreadsheets and other documents
• Integrated barcode scanner for data input or for searching
• No advertisements
• No restrictions for commercial use
• Powerful searching, sorting, grouping and filtering accessible even when offline.
• Build custom solutions using Text, Images, Files, URLs, Image URLs, Barcodes, Item References, Email Addresses, Encrypted Values, Phone Numbers, Coordinates, Numbers, Currency, Dates, Times, Durations, Ratings, Booleans and Selection Values
• Import and export data in CSV format
• Integrated help documentation
• Full support for Unicode so data input in many languages is supported

Недавно изменено в этой версии

Meld Database has so many great new features that we couldn't fit them all into one app. So this app, now named Meld Spreadsheets Database, has been updated to focus on the original Spreadsheets databases, while the new Meld Cloud Database is exclusively for Cloud Service databases. For Meld Cloud Service users, your existing Cloud Service databases will still work here, but we recommend that you migrate them to the new Meld Cloud Database app to take advantage of all the great new features.

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