Anti Theft Alarm

Anti Theft Alarm


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* Introduction:
- Software can help you protect your phone or tablet to avoid stolen. The device will alarm when pulled charger or headphones or when your device has been moved.
- This appplication is very useful for protect your phone while you are sleeping and listen to music on train, bus or when your phone are charging over night...
- You can turn off the alarm after entering the correct password.
* Features:
- Helps your phone avoid stolen when you're sleeping and listening to music or charge the battery.
- Warning when removing the charger or headphones, and when your phone was moved.
- Very nice flat interface and intuitive.
- Use simple.
- Power Saving.
- No full screen ads

Недавно изменено в этой версии

Big update in version 4.1.2
- Complete application.
- Shutdown system quickly
- Fix issue show 2 alert screen when move phone.
- Improve Interface, very beautiful.
- New beautiful icon.

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    Helpful :)

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    So good

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    app này rất có ích nè bạn

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    It's usefull

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    I like this

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