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NatureGate enables you to identify species in nature easily! No internet connection is needed. Create an account, download free Flower Identification Tool and begin identifying over 700 species. But don’t stop there – take advantage of our other flora and fauna identification tools for a nominal fee. Be sure to use the free Observation Diary to record your findings, which you can accompany with a picture and text. Share your observations and check what others have seen near you. It’s all there. Start observing nature near you today!

The other species groups now available are birds (almost all species accompanied by a vocal sample), butterflies and fish. The identification process is made easier with detailed photos. Several bird and butterfly species are accompanied by pictures based on an age, a gender or a season.

The application is a part of the popular and multi-language NatureGate pages. Connected to the internet, you can click on a link and see the species you have identified in more detail, including additional photos.

The species offered are common in the Northern Europe and the whole Northern Hemisphere. Future updates will provide an even wider selection of species groups, regions and languages as well as many additional interesting features!

Using the application makes species identification easy: simply choose selection criteria in the order you prefer. While observing a plant, you can, for example, define its height, flower colour, or leaf shape. The list of possible species is refreshed and refined each time you select an additional criterion. In most cases, finding the correct species takes only a few easy selections. The identification works the same for all species.


- In English and Finnish
- With In-App purchases, it is possible to identify almost 1,200 species!
- Selection criteria can be chosen according your own preference
- The results are refreshed after each selection
- Photos have been selected to assist the identification process
- Links to the NatureGate pages, where you find more details and additional pictures
- Browsing of species based on scientific, Finnish or English names
- Almost all bird species accompanied a high quality vocal sample
- Keep your own observation diary
- Save species you’ve identified in your observation diary or share them via Facebook or Twitter

The species identification is easy – try yourself!

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Недавно изменено в этой версии

- Updated application to support Android OS version 4.2
- Some improvements and bug fixes

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    по Ирина Камалова on 17/12/2013

    Requires registration to work. And what you get after registration? Some bullshit about my clock is not correct. You shouldn't force registration if you cannot even make it work after it