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RSA Vision brings you the latest videos and RSA Animates from our public events programme, promoting new ways of thinking about human fulfilment, capability and progress. You can browse by category; search; and compile a playlist of your favourites.

More videos can be seen on our website:

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Недавно изменено в этой версии

Videos now launched from YouTube, using the user’s preferred YouTube app.

UI now scales correctly on tablets.

Minor UI changes (nicer detail view; Play button cannot scroll out of view; new icon).

New links and text in the About screen.

Списки с RSA Vision

Некоторые списки, в которых появляется это приложение: Thought.

Рейтинги и комментарии к RSA Vision
  • (29 звезды)

    по willhesse81 on 19/06/2011

    Frequently drops out mid-video, saying it can't connect to the server. Clicking Play again always seems to fix this immediately. It really needs to re-try before giving up.

  • (29 звезды)

    по deinonychai on 23/05/2011

    Excellent content, and no troubles with video playback yet (Xperia).

  • (29 звезды)

    по stefan.nortier on 01/02/2011

    Would lovbe to use it on my HTC Desire but keeps asking if i am connected to the internet. Which i am......please fix this bug :)

  • (29 звезды)

    по marlon.luna on 22/01/2011

    Developers please fix playback issue on HTC EVO (and others)this app deserves a high rating so people can see the great content