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eOrder Sales App


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eOrder Sales App allows you to take complete company sales database into a pocket. Review product catalogue, see clients data and take new sales orders on the spot without laptop or pc.
You are always ready to see customer past orders and catalogue with contract prices even if internet is not available.
New orders are automatically pushed to company accounting system when you are online.
eOrder Sales App increases the efficiency of your sales force and is an addition to eOrder solution.
You can create an account http://www.eorder.eu and experience business mobility in minutes.

* Access your complete company product catalogue

* Access clients and their contact data

* See client orders history

* Create new orders

* Scan product bar-code to add in order

* No internet required

* Data automatically updated and orders sent to eOrder account when internet available

* Call customer directly from app

* See client address on Google map

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Недавно изменено в этой версии

Order controls improved
Added search to product category list
Order details rearranged
Action bar improved
Text size adjustments
Other overall improvements
Bug fixes

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