Evanova for Eve Online

Evanova for Eve Online

50 000 - 100 000 загрузкам

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All your Eve Online Capsuleers and Corporations on Android

Evanova allows you to browse through your pilots and corporations data:

you can follow training queues, assets or markets orders and as well as corporation informations such as member lists or starbases. You can also read your in-game mail or check the status of Eve Online servers and read on the latest news about Eve Online.

ISK donations and/or appreciations can be sent in-game to "Evanova Android".

Please comment or report any problem to evanova.mobile@gmail.com or https://bitbucket.org/evanova/evanova/issues.

You can also visit Evanova's blog (http://evanova-mobile.blogspot.com/) for more information.

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Недавно изменено в этой версии

* Fixed a number of loading performance issues.

* Fixed kill mails not showing up.

* Fixed and added more Eve news to the RSS view in server status.

* Enhanced notifications lifecycle.

Рейтинги и комментарии к Evanova for Eve Online
  • (66 звезды)

    by Den Ned on 24/07/2014

    I m waiting for updates!

  • (66 звезды)

    by Акулинцев Андрей on 24/07/2014

    Waiting for update to Crius

  • (66 звезды)

    by Mikhail Nazarov on 25/06/2014

    thanks a lot for yor program

  • (66 звезды)

    by Евгений Маковеев on 16/06/2014

    Где обновление Кронос? Вон в дроиде оперативно работают

  • (66 звезды)

    by Алекс Бочковский on 06/06/2014

    Когда апнут до кроноса?

  • (66 звезды)

    by Hleb Kandyba on 23/03/2014

    Но, есть проблемы с вылетами и утечкой памяти на SoC HiSilicon K3V2.

  • (66 звезды)

    by Вячеслав Гуделев on 14/03/2014

    Просьба к разработчикам, добавьте русский язык! Это же не сложно, и не долго. Зато как приятно.... :-)