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Listen to streaming rap radio anytime, anywhere

  • Over 50 streaming rap stations
  • Organized by category
  • Can play in the background
  • No song information

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"Hip to the hop and you don't stop"

You want rap and you want it now - and later, and then some more after that. To that end, MyIndieApp.com brings you Free Rap Radio.

Browse from over fifty streaming rap stations organized by category to find the right rap for you and your needs. From Thug Zone to international hip hop hits, they're all here and they're all in the flow. The app can be minimized whilst the audio continues, so you can listen to your favorites laying down the beats while using other applications on your device.

The app is definitely missing information about each track, though, which definitely should be able to be accessed through the streaming radio channels. They suggest using a music ID app to figure out who and what is playing, but it would make much more sense to be integrated within the app itself.

MyIndieApp.com's Free Rap Radio is a convenient way to fulfill your rap needs on the go.

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