Sibelius 7 100 QuickLook Guide

Sibelius 7 100 QuickLook Guide


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Join composer and orchestrator Thomas Goss in this free QuickLook Guide that teasingly shows you the basics of music notation and score preparation using Sibelius 7, an amazingly powerful program that will get you creating stunning scores in no time...

We searched the world to find the best Sibelius teacher on the planet. But we were looking for more than just a Sibelius expert; we were searching for a true professional musician who uses Sibelius every day to create his awesome art. After many months we finally ended our search in New Zealand where we met master composer Thomas Goss.

Thomas knows that as a composer, orchestrator and musician, creating clear and legible scores and parts for the performers is super important. It makes the difference between a very convincing first-read or a not-so-inspired rendition of what you know to really be beautiful music... So, when it's time to notate your music and present it to the world, Thomas shows you why Sibelius 7 is the obvious choice.

Get to know Sibelius in this free QuickLook course and then join Thomas for his next 4 courses where he takes you on a notational journey that begins with creating a basic lead sheet and "crescendoes poco a poco" to a full orchestral film score!

So grab your virtual score paper and let Thomas Goss show you how easy it is to make your music look its best.

Table of contents:

1. Introduction
2. Starting a New Score
3. Menu Ribbon & Zoom Toggle
4. The Keypad Panel
5. Note Input with the Mouse
6. Computer Keyboard Input
7. More Note Input Methods
8. Selecting Notes & Staves
9. Play & Save
10. Overview of Sibelius Tutorials on MPV

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  • (64 звезды)

    по Alfred Tokra on 13/04/2014

    Это видео о том, как работает сибелиус. Но не редактор. Не качайте, если вам нужен редактор нот. разработчики как всегда ущербные дибилы и твари.

  • (64 звезды)

    по Артем Винокуров on 09/03/2014

    Очень хорошая программа

  • (64 звезды)

    по As Saboteur on 07/12/2013

    Галимое видео

  • (64 звезды)

    по Владимир Стецов on 22/09/2013

    Нормальная программа :-) на компе такаяже

  • (64 звезды)

    по Viktor Puzynia on 26/06/2013