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Stay connected to what’s happening in Eastern Iowa through the Gazette Mobile app. You’ll find constant content updates. Look for local news and sports coverage, including comprehensive coverage of the Iowa Hawkeyes and sports scores. Also, obituaries, Milestones and local events. Gazette Mobile is your answer to news and information updates whenever you want them.

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Complete redesign!

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  • (50 звезды)

    by Jeremy Murphy on 08/10/2014

    Do stories from April still need to be on the app? Also, how do I make the photo disappear from the story preview? It used to be an option but that doesn't appear to be the case anymore.

  • (50 звезды)

    by Rhonda Shouse on 09/08/2014

    The stories stay on for ages, ads for games throughout the obituaries (tacky and money hungry), and now there is an ad before you even get into the app.

  • (50 звезды)

    by phishlady79 on 29/07/2014

    Recent stories? Hardly! This app is rarely updated. Almost nothing but old stories.

  • (50 звезды)

    by Scott McKnight on 22/07/2014

    Hey Gazette, do you realize that some of the stories in your so-called recent news are more than 3 months old? After I finish writing this review I am deleting your app.

  • (50 звезды)

    by amit pathak on 28/06/2014

    Worst news app ever!!!

  • (50 звезды)

    by D mccallum on 26/04/2014

    Site is poorly maintained and not updated on a regular basis. Difficult to navigate.

  • (50 звезды)

    by Matt Smalley on 14/03/2014

    This is a great app. I love having local news at my fingertips!!