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  • Very user-friendly
  • Loads of content
  • Lots of different sections
  • Save and share
  • Annoying ads
  • No search or filter
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"The Latest From Miami"

Обзор сделан / Dec 02, 2014

Catch up on local Miami news, as well as national events, sport, entertainment and more


Miami Herald is the official App for the South Florida' favorite news publication. With a user-friendly, Flipboard-inspired home page, its easy quick and convenient to catch up on the latest local and national news, sport, and events. A wealth of content, just a shame about the annoying ads.


There's a huge range of sections to scroll through, and the overall design is very user-friendly. You can set the home page to latest news, top stories, photos or videos, and browse through the hamburger menu for other categories. Each article can be saved and shared via social media easily.


The app has no search box or filtering options, so if you're looking for news from a particular date or on a certain story, you'll have to scroll through manually. Another grumble I have is with the adverts, which pop up constantly while you're viewing articles.

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Get your news wherever you go from Miami Herald Mobile. Our news app features The Miami Herald's Pulitzer Prize-winning news coverage, photos, video, commentary, bloggers and much more.


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