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Oracle Now's review

Read all the featured news and be informed about everything that goes on

  • Complete information
  • Easy to use
  • No full-screen on tablets
  • Not for everyone

"Everything about Oracle in your device"

Oracle is a large software company and this is their application that allows all users to get the important news before anyone.

The Oracle app presents information about developments, releases, mergers, acquisitions and other events. From the main screen, you can access to all the News (featured news and all of them), the OpenWorld website and the JavaOne happenings.

The news are read easily and the design is optimum and clean, even though the app is not full-screen on tablets and it would be better if it were. Usability is pretty good, though, and the app is responsive.

Oracle USA, Inc. is the developer of this application, perfect to keep you informed at all times about everything that is related to the company. If you’re not interested it’s not really useful but as an information app, it’s good enough.

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Ноя 05, 2012

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