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Rovedin news network updates the news headlines across the web and the world every 30 minutes. We bring you breaking news in sports, entertainment, politics, viral videos, strange or weird news, health, science and technology news, financial markets or economic news and more... This include videos, images and articles. Plus you can search for the news headline if you missed it from Blueready Search Engine( which gives you instant search results as you type. Hence making your search easy and fast

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This application is an update of the first version. This version fixes a lot of bugs. Even though it is version 1.0 it is faster than the free version. The pages do not reload when the phone is reoriented from landscape view to portrait view. It also has the back button working so you can click on a title, read it and go back and choose another headline.This version is very robust and it will be updated regularly... The older version is discontinued

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