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MomentCam карикатуры's review

Create your own animation emoticons

  • Interface
  • Hilarious design
  • Ease of use
  • Limited sharing options
  • Photo editing tools
  • Creations can't be save to gallery

"Animated selfies"

Hightalk Software's MomentCam generates automatically hilarious emoticons from real face photo.

You can actually create 2 types of artwork. Comic designs and emoticons. The first option will give you automatically 10 new free designs every day. The second generates personalized emoji to be easily shared through Facebook, Twitter and Wechat (unfortunately you cannot select the app to share it). From portfolio you can check and share all your creations.

Setting up both comic designs and emojis is really simple: take a face photo, choose the face shape and hairstyle of the cartoon and start receiving and sharing new creations. That easy.

Although MomentCam can be enhanced in some ways such as sharing options, editing tools (face size, facial hair, complements...) and saving formats... it's still a hilarious photo app. Recommended.

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Янв 16, 2014

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