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  • Interface
  • Hilarious design
  • Ease of use
  • Limited sharing options
  • Photo editing tools
  • Creations can't be save to gallery
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"Animated selfies"

Обзор сделан / Jan 16, 2014

Create your own animation emoticons

Hightalk Software's MomentCam generates automatically hilarious emoticons from real face photo.

You can actually create 2 types of artwork. Comic designs and emoticons. The first option will give you automatically 10 new free designs every day. The second generates personalized emoji to be easily shared through Facebook, Twitter and Wechat (unfortunately you cannot select the app to share it). From portfolio you can check and share all your creations.

Setting up both comic designs and emojis is really simple: take a face photo, choose the face shape and hairstyle of the cartoon and start receiving and sharing new creations. That easy.

Although MomentCam can be enhanced in some ways such as sharing options, editing tools (face size, facial hair, complements...) and saving formats... it's still a hilarious photo app. Recommended.

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Take a photograph, create your own customized caricature, and instantly share it with your friends. If you want to see you and your buddies in all kinds of funny and exciting situations, try MomentCam and let it surprise you. With MomentCam, you can be a world famous football player, a popular Hollywood star, or the hero of your own story. Whoever you choose to be, one thing is certain: MomentCam will provide you endless hours of fun.

● CARTOONIFY yourself and your buddies into hilarious caricatures and animated emoticons.
● SAVE the caricatures and animated emoticons to your SD card.
● SHARE your caricatures and animated emoticons on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WeChat.
● CREATE your own caricatures or get new designs from professional artists EVERY DAY for FREE!
● JOIN a community of millions around the world with MomentCam.

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- ‘…this app is among the best camera apps we have ever tried and we highly recommend it.’
- ‘…a colossal app that lets you create comic like cartoon pictures of you, your friends and anything around you.’

We are continuously trying to improve MomentCam and we are happy to listen to your opinions. For feedback or any questions you may have, feel free to contact us at

Недавно изменено в этой версии

1.New simplified classification for Emoticons, with the ability to share to your favorite messaging App.
2.Caricatures can now be rated, so that you can have access to the top daily caricatures.

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    by clafefran on 09/02/2014


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    by лиза чакилева on 26/08/2014

    Классное приложение

  • (66)

    by Лиза Протопова on 26/08/2014

    Не грузит.

  • (66)

    by Роман Терешков on 26/08/2014

    Выкидывает при прокрутке.Исправите будет 5,а так 2

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    by Jazyra Absatova on 26/08/2014


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    by Назгул Ниязгалиева on 26/08/2014

    Все отлично

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    by Яна Садыкова on 26/08/2014

    Клёвое приложение!