Advanced Task Manager -Убивает

Advanced Task Manager -Убивает

10 000 000 - 50 000 000 загрузкам

  • Quick uninstaller
  • Automatic and manual task killing
  • Screen widget one-click task killer
  • Ignore list
  • Killing system apps will provoke the opposite effect: shorten battery life
  • It should include more monitoring data
  • Android OS already manage all these things
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"Extend your battery life and improve your Android performance"

Обзор сделан / Jul 27, 2011

Advanced Task Manager lets you extend your battery life by ending processes

Advanced Task Manger will help you out to kill – manually and automatically – those applications that you don't need open. If you do it automatically, it's better if you set the exceptions (ignore apps) because system apps will re-launch automatically and will provoke the opposite effect: shorten your battery life. You can also set regular kill and startup kill for when you switch on your device.

You can do it also manually: you have to select those apps that you want to kill just by ticking on the list of active apps and then press the button “Kill selected apps”. What's more, it contains a one-click task killer screen widget.

Besides task killing features, ATM includes a quick uninstaller and a battery monitoring feature. Advanced Task Manager has been developed by INFOLIFE LLC., a developer focused on improving Android system features.

ATM is a really useful tool, a must if you are one of those user who want to save battery-life by killing processes easily. Some users consider that this kind of apps are useless since it includes features that are already managed by Android OS. It's up to you, but what it is a common place it's that ATM does it fast and easy. Recommendable

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Оригинальную версию описания от разработчика можно найти здесь
Убивает процессы, освобождает память, ускоряет телефон, сохраняет батарею. Лучшее приложение для ОС Android, ускоряет телефон, сохраняет батарею!

■ Особенности
• Убивает выбранные процессы
• Игнорирует приложение, когда убивает задачи
• Автоматически убивает задачи когда выключается экран
• Регулярно убивает задачи
• Убивает процессы при включении телефона
• Виджет убивающий процессы одним нажатием
• Быстрое удаление приложений
• Показывает уровень заряда батареи
• Поддерживает Android 1.6-4.x
• Kill apps to stop GPS
• Memory Booster, RAM Booster
• Permission manager addon for Android 4.3 (App Ops)
• Holo style

■ User Reviews
"Гууд Работаю с программой полгода, работает отлично. В настройках убрать оповещение, и норм, не мешает.Батарея вроде дольше работает." -- by Александр Щемелев

"Очень удобная программа С выходом новой прошивки пропал официальный диспетчер задач. Теперь есть достойная альтернатива" -- by Антон Пономарёв

"Отлично Хорошее приложение, показывает все процессы в т.ч. и фоновые. Закрывает все выбранные." -- by Kate Nabok

"Отличная программа Ней пользуюсь долгое время , ещебы оперативки поменьше брала на свои нужды можно былоб и плюс к пяти прилепить" -- by Пользователь

"I honestly wish everyone who supports and uses ATK, would give your's a try. They'd never go back to ATK!!!! ATM does SO much more than ATK!!!!A TON more features!!!!" -- by by Matt Meltzer

■ Description
Advanced Task Manager can list all the running tasks and you can select some to kill. It is also a task management tool to manage all the installed apps.

Android >= 2.2 system changed the task manager mechanism. Task killer cannot kill services and notifications when killing apps. If you want to kill tasks thoroughly, long press the task that you want to kill, and click “force stop”, you will see the application info system panel, then click the “force stop” button. For android system >=2.2, click menu->service, you will see the running service system panel, and you can stop running services here.

**Please note that installing the following apps such as: Advanced Task Killer, Super Task Killer FREE, ES Task Manager, Automatic Task Killer, Mobo Task Killer, Android Booster together with Advanced Task Manager may make your phone unstable or cause potential conflict.**

Q: Why do apps restart again after killing?
A: Some apps are restarted by system events. Apps cannot be prevented from restarting because of system limitation. We suggest you to enable auto kill in settings, and it will kill tasks on every screen off. It will help to save battery life and release memory for the phone.

Q: How can I add apps to the ignore list?
A: You can long press the task that you want to ignore, and then you will get a poped up context menu, click "Ignore". The ignored apps will not be shown in the task list, and will never be killed. You can manage the ignored apps in settings.

Q: How can I manage startup apps?
There is "Startup Kill" in settings. It can help you to kill tasks when system starts up.

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Недавно изменено в этой версии

#Optimize performance of the app

#CPU lagging monitor

#Fix a memory leak bug.

#Fix some Force Close bugs

#Fix battery drain bug caused by google admob

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