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Create, manage, and discuss issues and stay up to date with an integrated news feed for all your organizations, friends, and repositories.

View your issues dashboard to stay connected with all the issues you've reported, been assigned, or participating in the discussion on. You can also view and filter a repository's issue list and bookmark it for quick access.

Discover, share, and discuss code snippets using the integrated GitHub Gists support.

Download the app for free and signup at for a free GitHub account.

The GitHub Android app is open source, visit to see the code, connect with the developers, and discuss future features.

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Недавно изменено в этой версии

1.9.0 - Fix bug not login from a second device when using 2fa.
1.8.0 - Two-factor authentication (2fa) support added
1.7.3 - Certificate issue preventing installation fixed
1.7.2 - Minor bug fixes
1.7.1 - Bug fix for avatars not displaying
1.7 - User search, contributors list, bug fixes, translation updates
1.6 - Added support for starring and following and app now uses OAuth2 token
1.5 - Ability to share links to Issues, Gists, commits, and files

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  • (69 звезды)

    по Изя Шнифферсон on 17/06/2014

    говно с регой

  • (69 звезды)

    по Дмитрий Камышин on 01/06/2014

    I can view private repo other users

  • (69 звезды)

    по Виталий Котенко on 11/05/2014

    I love you app :З

  • (69 звезды)

    по Сергей Арбузов on 03/05/2014

    Пустячек но приятный. Не весь функционал веба доступен.

  • (69 звезды)

    по Marat Khayrullin on 11/04/2014

    How to logout?

  • (69 звезды)

    по Sheroz Karimov on 04/04/2014

    In the app don't work Russian language on when read.

  • (69 звезды)

    по Дмитрий Яковлев on 15/03/2014

    Please add notification

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