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Task List - To Do List - Pro


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This effective to-do list lets you keep track of everything you need to do. Organize tasks in your own to-do lists and assign icons to both tasks and lists.

Task List Pro have basic producteev sync, widgets, task reminders, 160 icons, repeating tasks, speech to text, backup/restore, search, CSV export, ordering tasks by drag&drop and much more. Supports English, Spanish and German language.

Task List Pro is a very customizable to-do list with lots of settings. Actions can be assigned to buttons and swipe movements to make the app behave like you want. An extensive FAQ is available within the app so check it out if you need any help or just some hints to get started.

Task List Pro is ad-free and you can sync any list against producteev. Pro version also have a function to email all your tasks as a CSV file that will easily open in Excel.

Please note that Task List Pro will be installed in addition to the free version if you are upgrading. To keep your tasks just export them from the free version and import them into the Pro version. When all tasks are transferred you can uninstall the free version. Check out the FAQ for help.

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Недавно изменено в этой версии

- Small makeover.
- More robust Producteev.com sync - check FAQ for instructions.
- Autosave now works when pressing back key.
- 12:00 AM shown as 0:00 AM fixed.
- Smaller app size.

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  • (66 звезды)

    по Александр Вишневский on 14/04/2014

    simply good enough

  • (66 звезды)

    по Юрий Ратников on 21/12/2013

    После покупки интерфейс только английский, без подключения к интернету иногда выскакивает предупреждение, что нет лицензии и закрывается, помощь только через сайт разработчика, куда невозможно зайти.

  • (66 звезды)

    по Margo Ro on 29/07/2013

    Не синхронизирует с producteev - пишет о Не синхронизирует с producteev - пишет ошибку и закрывается. шибку и закрывается.