FamilyGTG (free)

FamilyGTG (free)

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FamilyGTG app allows you to build your family tree or import your family's GEDCOM file so you can easily check your family while you are on the go.

- Create new family tree directly from the device.
- Import GEDCOM genealogy files easily (GEDCOM Viewer) [1].
- Export family trees to GEDCOM files (send via email or store on device) [2].
- Add and remove family members, and set relations between them.
- Search family members by name.
- View member's full profile: relatives, personal info, and photo.
- Add, change, or remove member photos.
- Edit member information (name, birth, marriage details, note, etc.).
- Show descendants & ancestors tree for a specific member [3].
- Add a member to bookmarks list for easy reference later [4].
- Browse events calendar (birth, death) for each month [5]. Today's events are highlighted.
- Browse family photo gallery.
- View or share a log of family edits (member added/edited/removed, etc.) [6].
- Undo/Redo logged family edits [6].
- Show statistics about the family tree.
- Sample family tree can be optionally downloaded.
- Change app language. Available translations: Dutch, English, French, German, and Spanish.
- Free version app with no time limitation and ads-free.
[1] One active family at a time (check full version for unlimited families).
[2] Limited export times for families with more than 200 members (check full version for unlimited export).
[3] Limited tree navigation (check full version for unlimited navigation).
[4] One bookmark (check full version for unlimited bookmarks).
[5] Limited calendar browsing (check full version for unlimited browsing).
[6] Limited undo/redo and share functionalities (check full version for unlimited undo/redo and share).

GEDCOM (GEnealogical Data COMmunication) files can be created by any desktop software. Send the file to your device via any method: bluetooth, ... etc. FamilyGTG then scans your device for any GEDCOM files (with .ged extention) so they can be imported.

Check FamilyGTG full version app ($3 USD) for no limitations.

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Недавно изменено в этой версии

[Version 1.2.2]
Character sets setting is now supported for GEDCOM import.
- In app main page ‘My Families’, press ‘Menu’ button, and select ‘Import GEDCOM’ option. And then, in ‘Family Files’ page, press ‘Menu’ button, and select ‘Character Set’ option to adjust character set of GEDCOM files to import.
- In member’s ‘Edit Information’ page, separate fields for given & family names are added and new ‘Passed Away’ flag is added to ‘Death’ field.
- Miscellaneous quality enhancements.

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  • (56 звезды)

    by Viktor Orgin on 12/07/2014

    Удачный вариант дерева. Только где русский язык? Сделайте пожалуйста, будет 5 баллов. Готов купить.

  • (56 звезды)

    by Oleg Mitiaev on 18/05/2014

    Ни о чем приложение.

  • (56 звезды)

    by Idayat Mamedov on 29/04/2014

    Я соглвсен пользоваться приложением бесплатно полноценной с рекламной

  • (56 звезды)

    by Sergei Antonychev on 08/02/2014

  • (56 звезды)

    by Олег Поверенков on 20/07/2013

    Пробовал по разному, но так и не удалось разобраться как заполнять самому. Удалось загрузить древо только с файла, сделанной другой программой. Но, все равно не удобная прога, полность древо не показывает.

  • (56 звезды)

    by Polina Kuznetsova on 14/07/2013

    Но, 1. нет переноса всех фото сразу, а только файла с именами датами и прочим, фото вставлять надо каждому отдельно (. 2. Нет русского языка, а так бы купила бы

  • (56 звезды)

    by Дмитрий Шаманаев on 27/06/2013

    Именно то что искал...все что нужно присутствует