Fast Cleaner - RAM Boost Clean

Fast Cleaner - RAM Boost Clean


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Fast Cleaner, effective, fast, and tiny, is an Android optimizer with great popularity among our users. It is designed for you to boost the speed of your phone, clean junk files from your device and help to reclaim the storage, and help you manage your App. By using Fast Cleaner, you can kill tasks to boost your RAM, clean cache to free your storage, make clear on your phone, manage your Apps and apk packages with one-click. All the functions are in this FREE optimizer clean App.

Since Fast Clean burned in 2010, it has been stand steadily in top 50 of the electric market, and top 10 of the tools. It was loved by the users on the clean, simple and easy used, very small internal memory.

Highlights of Fast Cleaner – RAM Boost&Clean:
1.Accurate: We have gathered great numbers of Apps and Fast Cleaner can find where the caches are, and with one click, all cache clear.
2.Tiny and compact: Apk package extremely controlled only 1MB with Full-featured. As a tool App, Fast Cleaner occupies less RAM and storage.
3.Popular: Fast Cleaner is loved by our users by its great clear function. Since Fast Cleaner released on Android market, Fast Cleaner stands firmly in every users' devices and clears junk files and boost RAM everyday.

Fast Cleaner - RAM Boost&Clean
1.RAM Boost
By killing useless tasks, boosting your phone and RAM, make room for memory (RAM). Our powerful boost engine can speed-up android devices by 30%.
2.Junk Files and Cache clean
Our abundant Junk database contains thousands of Apps. By removing cache and residual files that can reclaim storage, boost RAM and improve the performance of your device. Let your phone clear again.
3.App management
No longer troubling by deleting or removing your large number of your Apps, Fast Cleaner helps you locate your Apps exactly and manage or remove Apps.
4.System detail
Fast Cleaner calculates CPU, battery and RAM information. You can recognize the system information from Fast Cleaner and figure out if there is something wrong of your devices.



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Недавно изменено в этой версии

v 3.2.5
1.Gain speed in Scanning and cleaning
2.Add reminder during cleaning to prevent from deleting data with mistake.
3.Less ram and battery consumption, guard your phone silently.

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  • (69 звезды)

    по Day Day on 04/12/2014

    Вообщем то не очень понятно что полезного программа делает но фотографии, видео и много других файлов напрочь удалила. Дайте инструкцию по использованию!

  • (69 звезды)

    по Igor Igor on 04/12/2014

    Отлично работает!!!!!

  • (69 звезды)

    по Юрий Соловьёв on 03/12/2014

    Безполезное г......!!!!! Сканер показывает мусора 93 мб очистку сделал три раза подряд как было 93 так и осталось закрыл прогу перезагрузил приложение снова сканер и ОПЯТЬ ЖЕ 93МБ ДЕРЬМООООО

  • (69 звезды)

    по Александр Синько on 03/12/2014

    Ничего лишнего и весит мало. 5 баллов!

  • (69 звезды)

    по Alex V. Ilch on 03/12/2014

    Более-менее сбалансированный и без глупостей

  • (69 звезды)

    по Елена Фостецкая on 03/12/2014


  • (69 звезды)

    по Александр Павленко on 03/12/2014

    Еще бы добавить возможность отключения замечательной анимации.

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