History Eraser Pro - Clean up

History Eraser Pro - Clean up

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  • Ease to use
  • Amount of history and logs for clearing
  • Doesn't clear call logs on Galaxy S
  • Doesn't work properly on oldest devices
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Попробуйте увидеть чуть больше — скриншот History Eraser Pro - Clean up для Android
Попробуйте увидеть чуть больше — скриншот History Eraser Pro - Clean up для Android
Попробуйте увидеть чуть больше — скриншот History Eraser Pro - Clean up для Android
Попробуйте увидеть чуть больше — скриншот History Eraser Pro - Clean up для Android
Обзор эксперта

"Take the rubber and erase it all"

Обзор сделан / Jun 28, 2011

History Eraser Pro is a phone cleaner that allows you to erase different logs

This is the ad-free version of History Eraser ($1.49).

As we used our Android we start to generate logs all around: call logs, sms logs, search history, app cache files, among others. Although those logs doesn't suppose a huge part of the memory usage, they can influence our phone's performance. History Eraser's aim is to help you to clean fast and easy all these logs. Let's zoom on it:

History Eraser Pro allows you to erase the following logs:

- Browse history

- Call Log


- Market Search History

- Google Map Search History

- Gmail Search History

- Clipboard Data

- Youtube Search History

- Google Search History

- All app cache files

- Frequently Called

It has to be said that, in general, it works properly. However, we've noticed that in some devices, some logs can't be erased. For example, we couldn't clear call logs on Samsung Galaxy S, and we don't know why. There wasn't a trouble with the others logs. In other devices, specially the oldest ones, some other logs clearing doesn't work either.

History Eraser Pro has been developed by INFOLIFE, LLC, a settled developer focused on Android system apps: task manager, uninstallers, backup & restore,etc.

Despite of its catches, History Eraser Pro is a worthy app. It's going to free your phone for that hidden burden that are the history logs.

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Оригинальную версию описания от разработчика можно найти здесь
It's a history eraser for android device, and it can clean history of apps by only one tap. It's similar to the "ccleaner" on PC. It can help you to protect your privacy, and it can also help you to free up the internal storage. No root premission required!

★Clear Browser History
★Clear Call Log
★Clear text messages
★Clear Market Search History (including new android market history of v3.0.26+)
★Clear Google Map Search History
★Clear Gmail Search History
★Clear Clipboard Data
★Clear Youtube Search History (assist)
★Clear Google Search History(Android >= 1.6) (assistance)
★Clear all app cache files
★Clear Frequently Called (Frequently Contacted)

Feel free to send feedback to us other than 1 star!!

If forceclose happens, please use our another app named 'App Cache Cleaner' to do a clean-all action, and then open History Eraser again

#How to clean your Google Map history
If your Google Map history still comes out after clean, please visit http://www.google.com/history to disable the history records for your Google account.

INFOLIFE, Make Life Easier!

----version 2.5.5 changes:
1.add sms clear options to one touch clear list
now we can seperately del 4 kinds of thread,including:
a) Sent SMS/MMS
b) Received SMS/MMS
c) Failed SMS/MMS
d) SMS/MMS Draft

By using setting menu, you can alse choose not to del sms/mms when screen off or you can choose not to delete locked/protected sms/mms

----version 2.5 changes:
1.add auto clear and preference setting
you can have schedule clear by menu-> setting -> select Clear When Screen Off.It will auto execute your last clear operation when screen off.
you can also set notification bar icon here and turn on phone rom memory statistics display.

2.add frequently called (Frequently Contacted) clear
some devices have a frequently called list in favorites tab.now the delete operation of this list is available.

3.add phone memory status showing
show your phone rom memory statistics.you can see how much memory freed after clear.

4.use new text message deletion and move this function to menu options
txt message deletion option moved to menu,you can delete all of your sms/mms by menu-> Del All SMS/MMS,Be ware that ALL of your text message will be deleted even if they are locked!

5.add option to show notification bar
you can show notification bar to have a quick switch.to enable this:
menu->Setting->check Notification Bar Icon.

6.adjust item display order.
move clear all apps cache function to the top of the list.

***Features under development***
1,contacts history or sms history in motorola phones:
Motorola doesn't share their communication logs with other apps,I am still working on it to figure out a way to clear this history.

To help us translate thiss app to your native language, please sign up in http://crowdin.net/project/history-eraser
thank you very much

Недавно изменено в этой версии

#Fix widget not responding bug

# New widget style
# Fix bug for new google play

Fix call log clean bug for Samsung

1 fix a fc bug of Nexus 7
2 add a residual files cleaner

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    по Николай Трасиух on 27/11/2014

    Приложение установлено на планшете. Звонки с него я не совершаю, а программа показывает, что было 161 исходящих звонков.

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    по Alexandr K on 17/11/2014

    Тестировал разные чистильщики,на мой взгляд этот-лучший.

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    по Vladimir Ivanov on 02/11/2014

    Держу как дежурную программу

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  • (74)

    по Игорь Петух on 03/07/2014

    Очень полезная и простая программа!Спасибо разработчикам!

  • (74)

    по Юзер Гугл on 27/06/2014

    Нет возврата денег!!! Бесплатная работала, а эта глючит!!! На Android 4.4 не пашет!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • (74)

    по Юра Прус on 27/06/2014

    Отличная программа

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