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My Singtel

A one-stop application that allows you to view your Singtel bills, manage your mobile services, check data usage and even subscribe to overseas data roaming, all on the go!

a) Usage
• Avoid bill shock by checking your local and roaming data usage or local outgoing talktime and SMSes wherever you are.
• Enable pay per use data roaming quota under DataRoam Limit to control your roaming data usage.
• Local Data Settings allows you to turn off your local data temporary or permanently to avoid further data usage.
• MobileShare main plan can now view and set data limit to the supplementary lines.

b) Add-ons
• Choose from a variety of add-ons such as AutoRoam, Caller ID, EasyData Roam and more for your mobile needs.
• Surf the internet, email, tweet upload photos and more when overseas by activating DataRoam Saver Daily plans, up to 7 days prior your trip. Visit for more details.
• Receive latest breaking news from CNA, SPH and Reuters delivered to your mobile phone via SMS.
• View and manage the current add-ons that you have

c) Rewards
• Access the Rewards programme to redeem Delights and an exciting array of merchant rewards and birthday promotions

d) Bills
• View your bill summary which shows your outstanding balance, due date and last amount paid if any, even for non-myBill customer. You just need to login to your ONEPASS
• View and save the PDF copy of your monthly Singtel bill for the last six months (only applicable for myBill)

e) More
• Access to roaming rates for calls, smses and data easily.
• Learn how to set alerts for roaming data and setup profile and manage Mobile Internet Filter with the friendly user guides.
• Share your experience to help us identify location with coverage issue

If you have difficulty accessing Onepass registration/ password reset page, please use a computer.

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  • (58 звезды)

    by Александр Карпухин on 04/07/2014

    Есть приложения-гавно....ЭТО-МЕГА ГАВНО!!!!!!!!!!!

  • (58 звезды)

    by Дмитрий Кобылин on 08/06/2014

    I spent a lot of time trying to find options available only in browser version. For example, I wanted just to change password.

  • (58 звезды)

    by Андреев Антон on 24/03/2014


  • (58 звезды)

    by Татьяна Лянгузова on 15/02/2014


  • (58 звезды)

    by Александр Пахомов on 27/01/2014


  • (58 звезды)

    by Алена Пономарева on 09/01/2014

    Как это удалить????!!!! :(((

  • (58 звезды)

    by Павлик Жучков on 17/12/2013

    Подскажите как с помощью root прав можно удалить эту лажу? Заранее Спасибо.

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