One Click RAM Cleaner

One Click RAM Cleaner

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One Click RAM Cleaner.

Whether you want to optimize performance of your system with as little effort as possible, One Click RAM Cleaner is the tool of choice. No other program is as easy to use as One Click RAM Cleaner. Get more available storage space by clearing cache/data files with this app. Just in one click clear all cached files for getting more available space. Terminate threatening processes and programs or release memory occupied by listed processes. You can use this app as a widget-like shortcut on your home screen. For convenience, you can even add an icon of the application to your launcher. No root permission required.

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1. v.4.1.4
2. Fixed some minor bugs

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  • (70 звезды)

    by Emele FINOCCHIARO on 28/11/2012

    Все прекрасно работает, одним нажатием очищает кучу памяти и не убивает все без разбора, после чего зверек реально оживает и бегает резво. А еще прекрасно помогает сохранить батарейку если нажать перед завершением работы.