Hurricane Hound

Hurricane Hound

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Ad-free version of Hurricane Hound! In addition to more no ads, we've added support for current radar and weather satellite overlays. Radar is available currently from US based radars, satellite coverage is most of the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific basins.

Hurricane tracking on a Google Maps background. Shows the tracks and forecasts of active hurricanes tropical storms. Also highlights areas the National Weather Service (NWS) is watching for possible development. Covers the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific Basins. Provides access to NWS forecast information including tropical outlooks and discussions, public advisories, forecasts, and satellite imagery. Also includes up-to-date US radar and weather satellite data.

The toolbar on the left allows you to toggle on or off each of the storm, radar, and weather satellite layers.

Check out the options -- you can select the ocean basins you are interested in, choose between three graphical themes, and select your preferred wind speed units.

Contact us with suggestions or bug reports.

You must have a device that has Google maps installed to use this app.

Looking for free? Try our ad-supported version. (No radar or weather satellite overlays) --

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Недавно изменено в этой версии

- Fixed crashes
- Fixed missing areas of interest
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Скриншоты Hurricane Hound
Попробуйте увидеть чуть больше — скриншот Hurricane Hound для Android
Попробуйте увидеть чуть больше — скриншот Hurricane Hound для Android
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  • (50 звезды)

    по Ron Dean on 02/09/2014

    With the latest update that fixes the "areas of interest" not showing, this is back to being the best hurricane app around. No app comes close.

  • (50 звезды)

    по KL McGuire on 23/08/2014

    No updates for the Atlantic! I have emailed support, 3 days ago, and have gotten no response. This used to be a great app but now it is terrible! Dont waste your money!

  • (50 звезды)

    по ccwag wag on 09/08/2014

    Iselle and Julio not visible near Hawaii with red lettered "no active storms" on page. good thing I'm not relying on this app for my safety. installing without any possibility of a refund.

  • (50 звезды)

    по Erin Latham on 22/07/2014

    Always opens to a blank map now. Never shows any activity, even when there are tropical storms out there. Not sure why this app no longer functions. Very disappointing. :-(

  • (50 звезды)

    по mike alliston on 05/07/2014

    So far so good after update

  • (50 звезды)

    по Chas Rimpo on 04/07/2014

    I used the program for the first time this season after having updated both my Android devices since last year. One problem I reported for both tablet and phone was addressed within an hour. The other problem only impacted my phone and was fixed by a software update released within 24 hours!

  • (50 звезды)

    по T. Carter Ross on 04/07/2014

    This is the best hurricane tracking app I've found. It's not overloaded with useless feathers or permissions; it just translates NOAA data to a map quickly and easily and provides ready access to updates and alerts. Simple and beautiful.

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