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  • Terrorist Deflector Shoot

    Terrorist Deflector Shoot




    Fun and simple-to-play, your mission is to shoot the terrorists who are hiding in the building. This time you have a newly-invented anti-terrorist weapon called Deflectors which allows you to shoot round corners. Your bullets will ricochet off the Deflector and hit the enemies!

  • Space Invaders

    Space Invaders




    A variation of Space Invaders. Planet earth is being invaded by Aliens. As the last Defender, your job is to stop the invasion. Fight battles in space, sky and on earth. Tablet ready. OBJECTIVES: Space Battle (Easy): Shoot 100 Aliens Sky Battle (Medium): 500 Aliens Earth Battle (Advanced): 1k...

  • Fruit Samurai

    Fruit Samurai




    Use your samurai skills to neatly cut the fruits! A fun slash the fruit game. Slash the fruits away. But avoid the bombs. Try to get higher scores. Each fruit slashed earns you 50 points and 1 to 5 seconds extended playtime. Provides hours of fun. Tablet Ready.

  • Safe Period Calculator

    Safe Period Calculator




    What is the risk of pregnancy today? Use this app to find out if it is safe. For a regular 28 day cycle, days 9 to 18 are considered high risk days as ovulation usually takes place on day 15. However, even if it is safe, you should still always take precautions. A regular menstrual cycle can...

  • War Battle

    War Battle




    A challenging and fun-to-play tactical infantry war game. Train your units [on the Left] and send them to battle the enemy [on the Right]. At your command are Rifle Marines, Snipers, Flamer Marines and Rocket Marines. Objective is to destroy the Enemy's Command Centre. Earn enough credits...

  • Ninja vs Samurai

    Ninja vs Samurai




    Use your samurai skills defend from ninja attacks! Slash the ninjas away. But avoid the bombs. Try to get higher scores. Each ninja slashed earns you 50 points and 1 to 5 seconds extended playtime. Provides hours of fun. Tablet Ready.

  • 3.7
    Virus Ninja

    Virus Ninja




    Slash the viruses before they fall, just like Fruit Ninja

  • Strike Attack

    Strike Attack




    Counter attack to defend enemy assault. Strike at the heart to destroy them. Use advanced rifle, gun weapon. Elite force tactical combat. Free multi level casual game. Tablet ready.

  • Soccer Football 3D

    Soccer Football 3D




    A 3D Game for football fans. Tap on field to move and kick the balls. For each ball kicked you earn +10 secs playtime. If you kick into the goal - bonus extra time. Objective is to keep playing as long as you can.

  • Strike Team 3D

    Strike Team 3D




    Elite strike team battles enemy forces. New 3D Version completely re-written from scratch as a First Person Shooter game. You are the last member of a Counter Terrorist Strike Team to eliminate a group of Terrorists who are planting bombs to destroy generators at a Nuclear Facility. Your...

  • Aircraft Shooter

    Aircraft Shooter




    Use your Anti-aircraft gun to shoot down helicopters before they release their rocket bombs. The attack choppers come from left right and also front. Objective is to stay in play for as long as possible. Every helicopter shot down earns you extra 10 secs play time. But each time you take a rocket...

  • Zombie Strike

    Zombie Strike




    New version redesigned from scratch now in 3D. Shoot the enemy Zombie monsters with your bullets but avoid the pretty cute chick. Objective is to protect the girl from the zombies. In each level there will be a certain number of zombies to be killed before that level is considered completed. With...

  • Zombie Goldmine Run

    Zombie Goldmine Run




    You have entered an abandoned goldmine to look for gold. There you encounter the Jiang Shi (ancient Chinese zombies). Your objective is to collect as many gold bars as you can while avoiding the Jiang Shi's and the bombs. Along the way, you can collect the health kit and also the jade...

  • Zombie Maze Escape 3D

    Zombie Maze Escape 3D




    Your mission is to escape a maze infested with zombies and monsters. Collect the golden coins. When you have collected them all, a sliding wall will slide open to reveal a green cube which you need to walk through to exit the maze and thus complete the level. Each level will present different...

  • Assault Rifle Shooter

    Assault Rifle Shooter




    New version redesigned from scratch now in 3D. Assault rifle and terrorists shooting game! Strike the enemies using assault rifle given to your elite forces. Requires accurate sharp shooting skills. Gets harder with each level as speed of terrorist increases. Stay alive to win each mini battle....

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