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  • AMPS Magazine




    This is the Official App for A.M.P.S. (African-aMerican People Suceeding). AMPS delivers information about the minority community that is seldom discussed elsewhere. Some subject matters are unknown to the general population, but should undoubtedly be highlighted. This company powers the...

  • AMPS Radio




    This is another entity of the African-aMerican People Succeeding, A.M.P.S., Family. This 24 hour internet radio station is a platform for listeners to here what the community is doing and a place for writer and singers to show their talent. AMPS Radio is a station that has become a driving...





    This is the official i-television app for AMPS Magazine. AMPS Tv is growing very fast because what we found in our surveys is that people would rather watch a show than read or listen on the radio. AMPS Tv broadcast began only three years ago and it is getting hits that you can not imagine. From...

  • LHM


    Welcome to the newest urban high fashion model site. This will be the site that you will be tell all your friends about.

  • Wright Entertainment




    Wright Entertainment is a Monroe, Louisiana based music, video, and photography company. Official photographer for the City of Monroe, Neville High School, and Favrot Student Union at Grambling State University. Use the app to book photo shoots or music gigs, purchase archive photos dating back...

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