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  • Berkeley ✭Essential✭ Guide

    Berkeley ✭Essential✭ Guide


    Berkeley, California, is known primarily for three things--its Gourmet Ghetto food mystique, its liberal and progressive political culture (going back to the 1960s, but continuing today), and its world-class university, UC Berkeley. Lee Foster provides in this app everything you'll want to...

  • San Francisco Travel and Photo

    San Francisco Travel and Photo


    Create and collect your own postcard-perfect memories and photos of San Francisco! San Francisco is one of the most enjoyable and photogenic cities in the world, but where exactly should you go and when to get the best experiences and photos? Even if you don’t photograph, use this app as a...

  • Seattle's Best Dining

    Seattle's Best Dining


    Discover the best, most interesting and hottest restaurants in Seattle. Designed for discerning diners who want more than a list of restaurants, "Seattle's Best Dining" offers honest, straightforward, carefully chosen restaurant recommendations. Don't waste your time or money by...

  • Southern Burgundy Explorer

    Southern Burgundy Explorer


    Once you’ve visited Southern Burgundy you’ll want to keep coming back, time after time. Not only is there the legendary wine and a wealth of gastronomic delights, but there are also hundreds of attractions just waiting to be discovered. Many visitors to France never get to see the real France –...

  • Wildflowers of South Texas

    Wildflowers of South Texas


    Name that Flower... They cover roadsides, blanket fields, and sprawl across beach dunes, but do they have a name? Knowing your beautiful wildflower neighbors has never been easier than with this new guide to more than 200 of the most common and most dramatic wildflowers of South Texas. Organized...

  • Wildflowers of the Trans-Pecos

    Wildflowers of the Trans-Pecos




    Name that Flower... They cover roadsides and blanket fields and pastures, but do they have a name? Knowing your beautiful wildflower neighbors has never been easier than with this new guide to 200 of the most common and most dramatic wildflowers of the Trans-Pecos, including 30 cacti and yucca...

  • Seattle Cocktail Culture

    Seattle Cocktail Culture




    There are hundreds of bars in Seattle and each does their own thing well. Sometimes you're in the mood for a classic cocktail, other times a shot and sometimes it's 10am, you need a drink & only a hotel bar will do. But how do you find the best bar for your needs? Seattle Cocktail...

  • Video Recipes: Chef Tips

    Video Recipes: Chef Tips


    Learn how to cook like a pro with simple video recipes from Chef Jason Hill, the charismatic host of YouTube's popular series "Chef Tips." Hill is a trusted culinary expert with more than 26,000 subscribers and 10 million video views. REVIEWS: Matt Silverman, Mashable: "Chef...

  • DC Travel Photo Guide

    DC Travel Photo Guide


    Viewing and photographing the icons of Washington, D.C., is high on the list of many Americans and world travelers who come to the U.S. Capital. Where should you go, and when, to get the best views and save them on your camera? Maybe you photograph with a mobile phone. Maybe you are a dedicated...

  • Armitage Perennials & Annuals

    Armitage Perennials & Annuals




    Gardening is not brain surgery, or rocket science - and if I have learned one thing, it is that gardening should never be taken seriously. So have fun. There are no rules. You may search all plants, or use the filter to search for annuals, perennials or those grown in sun, shade or for foliage...

  • Organically Sonoma Wine Finder

    Organically Sonoma Wine Finder


    ★ 200+ Fine Wines From Organic Vines ★ Sonoma's famous for its Dry Creek Rhone wines and Zinfandels, its Moon Mountain Cabernets, and its Russian River and Sonoma Coast Pinots. But did you know that more than 200 of its fine wines come from certified organic vineyards? Most are not bottle...

  • Cookbook Finder

    Cookbook Finder




    Ever have a brain freeze while trying to choose a cookbook for yourself or your favorite cook? Of course you have! Cookbooks are hard to choose: you can't pre-test them, they all look great, and there are a *million* of them. You need expert help. You need someone who tests cookbooks 24/7,...

  • Biodynamic Vine Finder

    Biodynamic Vine Finder


    Biodynamic® Vine Finder is your ticket to discovering the wonderful world of wines made from Biodynamic vines. There are more than 136 wines to explore in this first ever directory of U.S. wines from Biodynamic vineyards. (To find 155+ mores wines, certified Biodyamic, check out the companion...

  • Biodynamic® Wines/Vines: Tour

    Biodynamic® Wines/Vines: Tour


    Many of California and Oregon's top vintners have converted to an eco-friendly way of growing wine grapes called Biodynamic®. Their vineyards are among the most beautiful in wine country - teeming with life - and many are known for the great wines they produce. What is Biodynamics and why...

  • Cincinnati Essentials

    Cincinnati Essentials


    ★ The best of Cincinnati at your fingertips ★ The ghost subway to nowhere? Flying pigs and frying goetta? Cincinnati Essentials covers the best of the quirky Queen City. Discover the region’s major attractions and little secrets in more than 230 entries and 1,700 photos. Learn how to eat...

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