Recon Shooter-Free Retro Game

Recon Shooter-Free Retro Game


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The 80's are back, PAC-Man is Dead. The space invaders have landed, and Galaxian is a distend dream. Recon Shooter will bring back the Atari style fun you all know and love.

Recon Shooter is a retro space shooter game, with 8 levels of action packed arcade gaming fun. Recon Shooter is set in an Atari style retro space world. Recon Shooter will bring back the nostalgia of 80s classics like Space Invaders, Galaxian, Pac-Man, and many other arcade space shooters.

In the year 5250 earth has become a dystopian war zone. The skies are filled with a hoard of arcade style space shooters. Lawlessness has become the norm of retro earth. This is not just any old space game it is a fight for you very survival. With a radiant resolve you must save us, or GAME OVER!!!

This is the full version of the game. If you like the game please buy the Donate version. The Donate version has all the same features as the free version.


Atari / NES style retro graphics
32 space ships.
8 boss fights.
Old School arcade style fun.

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Попробуйте увидеть чуть больше — скриншот Recon Shooter-Free Retro Game для Android
Попробуйте увидеть чуть больше — скриншот Recon Shooter-Free Retro Game для Android
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