Warlords РТС: Стратегия игры


Warlords РТС: Стратегия игры's review

Warlords is a real-time strategy game set in fantasy world

  • Fantasy theme
  • Intuitive controls
  • Upgrading system
  • Lots of units and equipment
  • Needs more game modes
  • Can't choose with side you want to support
  • Needs storyline

"Master of strategy"

First off, bear in mind that this version is still a open beta. Simos Games is made up by two experienced game developers who believe that the only way to launch great games is by integrating users feedback. That's a good philosophy but it needs your support and understanding. Let's contribute to put this game in the place it deserves.

Warlords RTS: Clash of Thrones is a classic-inspired real-time-strategy game. One fantasy world: Aldfarne that reminds to Middle Earth due to the tribes that can be found on it. However, it's war time, so tribes have lined up. On one side you can find: dwarfs, elves and humans, making up the good's army. On the other side, the evil: goblins, black wizards, orcs... Both sides are struggling for supremacy. Of course, you are on the Good side.

Gameplay reminds the lately successful League of Legends: two armies, two towers to protect and pull down. You have to use your own tactics and strategies to build an unbeatable army, capable to fulfill all the different quests that make up this game. There are lots of units and spells to unlock and upgrade as well as dozens of items to collect and equip to improve your hero's strength and resistance. Only a smart management of your resources will guide you to victory.

Its 2.5D graphics aren't stunning but endow the game with a retro touch that fits both theme and genre. Controls are really intuitive: tap on spells button to launch them and on units' button to create them. Just approach enemies to attack them.

Things we are missing: first, storyline. Some dialogues and scenes would enhances users' experience. In addition, different game modes, the chance to choose which side you want to support in this war and maybe more tribes to fight against or partner with would boost game's playability. Despite, a great game already.

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