4 фото 1 Слово: Какое слово


4 фото 1 Слово: Какое слово's review

Guess the word by looking at the images

  • Simple but entertaining
  • Good for improving vocabulary
  • Too simple, not really new

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"4 Images that mean the same..."

What's the word is a simple quiz word game for kids and adults who want to train their English vocabulary.

This application includes 200 words to guess divided into 7 levels of difficulty and it consists of four pictures which represent the same word, which you will need to write below by selecting the words given. The first levels are easy enough, but as you go on, the words will be polysemic and so the difficulty will grow.

Itch Mania is the developer of What's the word, a simple but effective game for training the brain and learning more English words. Although it's pretty simple, the interface is well-developed and we appreciate that.

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