Coin Party: Carnival Dozer

Coin Party: Carnival Dozer

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The BEST ad-free coin dozer game *ever*

Mindstorm Studios puts fun in your hands with an amazing carnival 3D experience. Drop a constant flow of gold coins onto the dozer to push piles of cash and prizes your way. Magical Chips and crazy table powers are there to help your pusher cash in huge coin rewards. The fun doesn’t end there, as wondrous quests unlock more pushing powers and dozer tables for you.

Prize collection is the ultimate fun on a dozer table. These prize collections can be traded or spent in Quests where you unlock even more pusher powers. Special recipes of prizes unleash dozer chip upgrades to go completely crazy in a virtual casino carnival where your pusher powers can lead to hours of fun.

Bringing you the ultimate casino dozer experience, Coin Party offers constant addictive gameplay where you ultimately unleash a wild smash hit for everyone to enjoy. Don't forget to collect the casino Spin Tokens that appear on the dozer table and spend them on spinning the fortune Prize Wheel for awesome prizes!

We're regularly updating the game with awesome dozer tables, casino quests and pusher powers for endless entertainment!

★ Top-notch 3D graphics for a live casino carnival experience
★ Special quests where everything you collect helps unlock pusher powers
★ Fun collectible and tradable stuffed toys, cars, candies and lots more prizes
★ Superb physics, special effects and animations that light up your screen
★ Magic casino chips with unique pusher powers that can be upgraded
★ Fill your karma and push coins by activating dozer table effects
★ Spin the wheel of fortune to win special casino rewards
★ Compete on leaderboards and unlock achievements
★ Lookout for awesome new updates!

Play Coin Party today for the most awesome coin dozer experience on the store!

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Недавно изменено в этой версии

The BEST ad-free carnival dozer game *ever* - Now presents

** Version 2.1.4 **

- Xmas Edition: Special Prize and Holiday Gifts
- Bug Fixes
- Improved performance

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  • (74 звезды)

    by andrei boldqrev on 28/11/2014

    монетки форева круть

  • (74 звезды)

    by Локи Василий on 29/10/2014

    Но почему то не всегда срабатывает сброс монеты слева.

  • (74 звезды)

    by Марина Калье on 22/10/2014


  • (74 звезды)

    by Fedorukirina2015 Федорук И. Г on 12/10/2014


  • (74 звезды)

    by Таня Костюкевич on 29/08/2014

    Игра супер. Есть один минус, я не могу открыть вторую карту ни на телефоне ни на планете. Исправте пожалуйста.

  • (74 звезды)

    by Сергей Мироненко on 20/08/2014

    как аватар установить в игру.вторая карта не открывается

  • (74 звезды)

    by Svetik Barsukova on 23/07/2014

    Очень нравится

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