Детские игры для фортепиано LI


Детские игры для фортепиано LI's review


Kids Piano Games is a didactic app for teaching your friends basic piano lessons

  • Kids-friendly layout
  • Screentouch response
  • Traditional songs
  • There aren't features for tracking your kids progress

"Mozart also started playing from childhood"

Some studies demonstrate the importance of musical learning from childhood. Why if you could make your kids learning basic notes and songs without effort? That's what Kids Piano Games does.

Kids Piano Games is set in a good-looking child-friendly layout. Colored keys, animals and effects to make your kid focus on the issues. Lots of songs set in a karaoke style: your kids will learn where keys need to be pressed as well as the lyrics of the songs. Different piano games will make your children learn basic piano lessons while having fun.

We're just missing a level tracker or some features to monitor your kids progress. Despite of this, good app.

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Июл 18, 2012

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