So You Think You Know Words


So You Think You Know Words's review

Unscramble the letters to find three distinct answers for each clue

  • Clever clues
  • Fun linguistic sense of humor
  • Two free categories plus many more for purchase
  • Unoriginal

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"Words are my big obsession"

If you dig on crosswords, you probably think you know words. But do you really know words? Put it to the test with The Smyth Group, Inc.'s So You Think You Know Words puzzles, in which each playful clue has not one correct answer but three.

Expect puns, verbal trickery, and the most dastardly kind of wordplay in the clues, which are organized by theme. Think "I-love-you-a-latte" and "Which witch is which" - linguist humor. The two free categories are Foodie Fare and TV and Movies; there are scores more available for purchase.

The game mechanics are super simple. You can turn on hints if you like - one letter comes free, and the rest you'll have to shell out for. You can also ask friends on Facebook should you get really stuck.

So You Think You Know Words is a decent word puzzler, although nothing too original. Word nerds should anticipate getting hooked on attempting to make it to 100% completion in the categories.

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по Janel , Appszoom

Окт 28, 2013

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