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    Это - очень простая игра. Разгадывайте анаграммы и составляйте слова! 100% бесплатная игра со словами!

    Если вам нравятся игры со словами и анаграммами, эта игра - определенно для вас!

    • Create words with the letters you are given.
    • Each word can be used only once per round.
    • Longer words give more points and increase your time remaining.
    • Sometimes you get a bonus question. Answer the bonusquestion to get extra points.

    MULTIPLE LANGUAGE SUPPORT - Word games are most fun when you play in your own language! That is why Word Challenge is available in the following languages.
    • English
    • Français
    • Deutsch
    • Svenska
    • Русский
    • Suomi
    • Română
    • Norsk
    • Español
    • Български
    • Türkçe
    • Italiano
    • Nederlands
    • Dansk
    • Català

    • 3 diffrent game modes! Time attack, Classic, and Challenge mode
    • Play Time attack to compete for the highest score worldwide!
    • In the Classic mode you need to find a certain amout of words in order to continue to the next level!
    • In the challenge mode you can challenge friends or other players. This mode will decide who is the best at Word Challenge!
    • Upgrade your skills using coins you earn as you play, to get more points from words.
    • Intresting leaderboards to see who is the King of Word Challenge worldwide and locally.
    • Earn achievments and get coins!
    • Support everything from phones and tablets to computers so you can compete against anyone.
    • Intresting bonusquestions!
    • Great game to develop your vocabulary and creativity!
    • Cloud saving so you never lose any progress if you change phone or play on any other device!
    • 100% FREE!
    • Simple and easy gameplay!
    • Play in your language. With your friends!
    • Report words! You can report a word that should be allowed or that should NOT be allow. Help us make Word Challenge better!

    Play this anagram word game to compete against friends or just relax and enjoy the game.
    Every game is unique! Endless amount of anagram puzzles to solve!

    • Game supports multiple platforms
    • Firebase server used for multiplayer and cloud saving
    • Facebook login only used to identify player (used for saving and leaderboard identification)
    • Any ideas on how we can improve the game are greatly appreciated!



    If you like games like wordament, word cookies, scrabble this might be for you!

    Thanks for playing!

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