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    Программа имитации ложного вызова. Выручить себя из неловких ситуаций просто - встряхните немного телефон! Не нужно нажимать на кнопки, или заранее выбирать время! Встряхивание телефона вызовет входящий ложный звонок в соответствии с настройками, которых у вас множество:

    * Задержка между встряхиванием и вызовом
    * Информация о вызывающем абоненте (можно выбрать из списка контактов!)
    * Воспроизведение записанных звуков, чтобы сделать фальшивый вызов более реальным!
    * Установка произвольной мелодии контакта (или установленной по умолчанию)
    * Калибровка для регулировки чувствительности
    * Вибрация вкл / выкл

    Можно также запланировать до 50 звонков без тряски! Звонки могут быть сделаны из различных контактов!

    *** 3 days in a row in the 3 hottest app list at AppBrain! ***
    The ultimate fake call app. Get yourself out of awkward situations by simply giving your phone a little shake! No need to press any buttons or to choose a predefined schedule! The phone shake will trigger an incoming fake call according to the settings you had set:

    * Delay between shake and call
    * Caller information (Can be chosen from your contacts in the full version!)
    * Log the call in your call log if you want! (Full version only)
    * Playback recorded sounds to make the fake call sound real! (Full version only)
    * Play your contact's custom ringtone (or your device's default) (Full version only)
    * Shake calibration to adjust the sensitivity to your needs
    * Vibrate on / off (Full version only)
    * Added TODAY: Schedule up to 50 calls WITHOUT shakes in the full version and 2 scheduled calls in the lite version! The calls can be made from different contacts!!! Think of the enormous possibilities of this feature:

    * Selling something? Make it look as if you have a line of different interested buyers
    * Want to look popular at the bar? Schedule some calls.
    * Want to fool your friends / boss / neighbor that you have to go urgently? Schedule some calls, for example, from your wife/husband's mobile and then a few calls from home, etc. This is guaranteed to make it look as if it's an urgent matter.

    This is a must have for those of you who have friends / co-workers who simply won't stop talking...

    Some other good uses of this app:
    * Fake a call and get out of a bad date quickly
    * Shake and fake to get out of work early without feeling discomfort
    * The bothersome neighbour started talking to you again? Shake it and fake it
    * The conversation you're uncomfortable with started again? Fake your way out of it
    * Want to fool your friends the beautiful blonde keeps calling you? Fake a call and fool them
    * Alone in the dark and want to feel more secure? Fake an incoming call
    * Boring meeting? Fake your way out of it
    * Want to play a prank on your friends? Shake and prank

    This app is both fun and extremely useful!
    Shake your troubles away with this easy to use app.

    If you have any comments / suggestions / bug reports please feel free to email us and we promise to respond as soon as possible to ALL queries.

    Please bear in mind that emailing us is far better than giving this app a low rating... We will be happy to assist you quickly with anything you'd need.

    If you like this app, please be kind and leave us a good rating / review. Thank you!

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