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    Everyone’s schedules on one calendar - share time as a family or couple, with friends and colleagues

    Winner of the “App Store Best of 2015” award by Apple!

    The free calendar app beloved by over 10 million users

    ■Do you have these issues?■
    ○ Worried your spouse didn’t get your message about change in plans
    ○ Forgetting about your children’s school events
    ○ Forgetting about events you’re interested in like concerts and meet-ups
    ○ Difficult for your department to find time for a meeting that isn’t lunch time

    TimeTree can help you clear up miscommunication and find compromise by sharing information about events with the people involved.

    ■Who is TimeTree for?■

    ○ [Family and Spouses]
    Eliminates communication breakdown in busy families, as in “Dad, I keep telling you I have extra class on Thursdays” or “Dear, I just bought milk! Now we have too much”. Also perfect for parents who have shared responsibilities like picking up the kids from childcare, so it is clear who is supposed to pick who on Monday.

    ○ [At Work]
    For those managing appointments at work, TimeTree gets everyone on the same page. TimeTree is great for small companies and start-ups, as a system to organize meetings and delegate work. It is also popular with individuals who want to be able to accept customer appointments anytime and anywhere, such as nail and hair salons.

    ○ [Couples]
    Perfect for couples who have trouble finding time for each other in between work, school and friends, and want to know when they are both free for dates! Yes, TimeTree can even help improve your love life.

    ○ [At School]
    If you’re a student working with other students who have different class schedules, TimeTree can help you find common breaks for you to work on your science project or meet up to write that new song.


    ○ [Schedule Sharing and Multiple Calendars]
    Create separate shared calendars for the different roles you have - personal, family, couple, work, even clubs and hobbies

    ○ [Notifications & Contacts]
    Notifications are delivered automatically to everyone in the group when someone creates or changes an appointment, or sends a message in the app - no need to send direct messages to everyone, or to a group chat only to have people not see it

    ○ [Works with Google Calendar]
    Supports import from Google Calendar, so you can use TimeTree immediately. You can also view others’ Google Calendars if you have access.

    ○ [Works on PC & Mobile]
    Use desktop at work or school and mobile on-the-go. Many new features are on the way for the web app!

    ○ [Share to other apps (and other people) freely]
    One-click share button to all your other apps, so you can share your events quickly and easily with people who don’t use TimeTree too! (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Telegram, Gmail and more)

    ○ [Widgets]
    Since your calendar is something you look at every day, widgets for your home screen let you check and edit your schedule with ease.

    ○ [To-Do Lists and Memos]
    Just like a notebook, you can jot down memos. Unlike a notebook, memos can be shared and edited by everyone.

    ○ [Chat by Specific Event]
    Focus your discussion by chatting within the app for each specific event. The answers to “What time?” and “Who’s coming?” will be right there, under the event itself.

    ○ [Add Pictures to Events]
    If you have a photo of the poster for your daughter’s dance concert, the department’s annual merchandising event, or just a document with guidelines and deadline for your next assignment, why not upload it directly as an image? You’ll no longer have to second guess whether you copied the information down correctly.

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