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Корейский практике почерк Plus

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    Корейский практике почерк Plus

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    Чтобы услышать приговор, корейский практике Дать упражнения

    ※ iPhone, iPad “NO.1 brand Of learning Korean for children
    ※ Miracle Method of Korean learning! You can write Korean Just Following Our App.
    ※ The bible of edu-tainment-Playing card game for review
    ※ From character, combination character, to word.
    -According the order of learning, children can learn Korean.
    ※ '기역'~'히읃' 14 characters, 가~히 140 combination characters, 135 words of 27 theme, -rich and various contents.
    ※ Numbers will teach how to write.
    ※ Children can write Korean with finger following instructions
    ※ After writing, Children can check their learning to play card game

    ■ Features & Contents
    1. Seed class: from '기역' to '히읃', learning characters
    2. Bud class: from가 to 하, learning a combination characters
    3. Stem class: 가족/ 유치원/ 동물원/ 소풍/ 음악시간/미술시간/ 우리집/ 병원/ 화재예방/ 탈것
    4. Leaf class: 과일/옷/기분/자연/계절/색깔/야채/음식/시간/우리몸
    5. Flower class: Christmas/ 설날 /추석/봄/여름/가을/겨울

    ■ How to use
    1. QR play
    (1) You can download word card on blog (www.hyonga.com)
    (2) QR play on the main screen select.
    (3) You can find the word cards.
    (4) Take a word card with the camera, finds the appropriate words.

    2. Card game
    (1) You should finish a theme for playing a card game.
    (2) If you finish a theme in each class, 10 stars are given
    (3) You can play a card game using a star

    ■report & partnership: cs@hyonga.com

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